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森林小偵探 英語生態學習班
Little Forest Detectives  Learning Class


The forest detectives are on the case again! Enter the forest, let us get to know our local wildlife and solve their problems using your detective wits. Filled with interactive and fun activities, the course develops children’s observation and problem-solving skills. By teaching entirely in English, the course boosts both nature and English learning through unique methods. Do not miss out on such an enriching learning experience!

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課程特色 Course Features

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  • 生態學或相關背景專業導師主領 Lead by professional ecology or related studies graduate 

  • 全英語溝通及教學 Communication and teaching fully in English

  • 配合實體教材,課內課外以遊戲鞏固所學 Coordinated learning with physical exploration materials and games

  • 課程內容參考科學文獻,確保資訊準確 Contents are supported by scientific literature, ensuring accuracy


課程目標 Course Aims

  1. 擴闊小朋友於學校課程以外的知識領域 Broadening children's horizons outside of school's syllabuses 

  2. 培養小朋友自然和邏輯智能 Training children's logical and naturalist intelligence

  3. 為小朋友提供不一樣的全方位語文學習體驗 Providing children with a unique and diverse language learning experience

​活動詳情 Details

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日期和時間 Date and Time:日期時間可因您需要而定 Set according to your needs

時長 Duratoin1課約1小時,共6課  1 Hour/Class, 6 classes in total

課堂形式 Mode:互動故事模式 Interactive storytelling

語言:全英語授課 Full communication in English

課堂內容重點 Contents:請查看附圖 

對象 Target :5-10歲小朋友 (K3至小學) Age 5-10


​Fees include professional tutor and physical exploration pack

家長評語 Parents' Reviews

小朋友上堂時很愉快,課程完結後觀察力和好奇心明顯加強了,及主動思考事物的功能。My child was very happy during class, and there is a notable increase in his observation skills, curiosity and active thinking.

非常開心,每次也期待上堂! 也感到老師親切願意引導小朋友去探索! 下課後也自動興奮地分享「小偵探」的經歷!My child was very happy and she looked forward to each lesson! The teacher was very friendly and willing to guide young children to explore. My child always share her experience as "little detective" excitedly.

小朋友主動要求要去探索大自然,昨晚也突然自己説起夜行動物。My kid actively asked us to explore nature. Yesterday night he even told us about nocturnal animals all by himself.

孩子本來對於蜜蜂有恐懼,但第1課(提及蜜蜂)她好開心,覺得課程好有趣,也沒有擔心蜜峰了!謝謝大家細心幫助孩子了解大自然的美好!My child originally was afraid of bees, but during the first lesson (which mentioned bees) she was very happy, and thought the lesson was very interesting, and she was not scared of bees anymore! Thank you for patiently guiding children to understand the beauty of nature!

有天去公園見到一隻鳥,我說很漂亮,哥哥突然說牠的嘴巴還是尾巴應是紅色的,原來他記得那是你們堂上教過的鳥。One day we saw a bird in a park, when I said it looked pretty, my child suddenly told me its mouth or tail should be coloured red. Apparently he remembers that is one of the birds taught in your lessons. 

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