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《出發吧!與Dr. Dumo到森林看診去!》互動兒童繪本

Let's Go! Wilderness Calls with Dr. Dumo! Interactive Children's Book


野豬、豪豬、穿山甲、赤麂、短吻果蝠和水獺⋯⋯這群哺乳類動物在香港野外居住時遇到甚麼困難和病痛?你想跟Dr. Dumo一起救治牠們嗎?出發吧!與Dr. Dumo到森林看診去,認識本地哺乳類動物。

What challenges and illnesses do mammals face living Hong Kong? Do you want to help Dr. Dumo treat the animals? Off we go! Join Dr. Dumo on his wilderness calls and learn about the mammals of Hong Kong.

《聽得到看得見的香港生態百科 大自然四季日夜奇遇記》



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小樹林鯨豚離我們不遠資訊圖表 Little Woods “Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises and Us" Infographic


Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises and Us Infographic and Physical Print



In July 2023, the death of a whale at Sai Kung created ripples in people's hearts, and made us realize how close we truly are to cetaceans. What are cetaceans' ecological roles? What threats are they currently facing? How should we begin to conserve them? Discover our cetacean friends and us through this infographic!

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